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Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm EST
in mind, it's been a pretty good year despite it being an election year, despite the fiscal cliff and ongoing problems in europe. the market has done better than it has usual done. what's changed? i think there will be continued political turmoil and slow growth but that's, particularly given valuations, may not be a bad year for equities as all. >> i'm going to add to that list having been a good year for the stock market. also had a lot of recovery in the housing market as well. do all these good things, all this progress become undone if we go over the fiscal cliff. >> i think clearly we've seen some healing in housing which is great and as has already been said we've seen some good progress over in europe and in china so that's all great. i'm neutral on equities in my allocation strategy fund, target rich funds and the reason for that is the fiscal cliff. if we go over the fiscal cliff then i think that given how lean companies are, and as slow as we're growing, we could see the economy dip back into recession and earnings estimates will have to go lower. >> the mastercard rep
Dec 31, 2012 4:00pm EST
cliff deadline is upon us. it doesn't look like lawmakers in washington will get a deal done by midnight tonight. eamon javers is at the capitol now. where do things stand? >> hey, bill. let me give you an update. right now behind closed doors republicans are meeting. we should get a better sense of where their heads are when that breaks up. started about 4:30. then at the top of the hour republicans on the house side are going to have their conference meeting down in the basement here. we'll go downstairs and try to stake sthem out and get a sense of what their reaction is to all of this. meanwhile i wanted to point out to you one interesting notation here. this is the house republican whip floor update. it's been updated. it says members are advised to stay close to the capitol tonight should any additional votes arise. now, presumably that means the potential of a fiscal cliff vote. they want to keep members at least in the physical proximity of the capitol building here on new year's eve tonight just in case they might vote. earlier today we saw a big tone change after the president
Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm EST
available to us, and while the leaders in washington do try to tackle the fiscal cliff, at least the democratic leader in the senate has no problem placing the blame on one particular person when it comes to not getting anything done. senate majority leader harry reid had this to say on the senate floor yesterday. >> months and months of talks between the president and boehner, both times boehner could not deliver because they refuse because of grover norquist to allow any tax revenues whatsoever. they cannot cross over the threshold that has been built by grover norquist. >> grover norquist joins us now exclusively here on cnbc. grover, we just heard you are the target of those comments, but did harry reid get it wrong, because i thought that your organization actually gave its blessing to boehner's plan "b." >> reid has it wrong on a number of levels. the first, of course, is that the pledge that many congressmen and senators have made to oppose tax increases is made to the people of their state, not to me. in fact, harry reid now has the republican senator joining him from nev
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3